Several Old Minnesota MotorCycle Plates & Dealer Tag. All for one money No-RESV.

NO-RESERVE on 7 Minnesota Lic. Plates for motor cycles from the 1960"s-70"s. You also get a old dealer tag from South St.Paul, Minnesota. McNamar"s Cycle. You get all 8 items for one $$$. see photo"s for condtion. I will be listing a Harley Davidson items tomorrow night. Please do not confuse my low starting prices with quality! Also, I feel most Ebayers like a real auction with the thrill of bidding on exciting finds, NO-RESERVES and the opportunity for a great bargain! Thanks for looking and I hope you’re a WINNER!!!!!!!!!
I will be selling 45 years of car parts and literature and rare accessories over the next 5 months on only. Be sure to follow my auctions. I will be listing stuff for auburn Buick Cadillac caddy Chrysler mopar general motors cord Cunningham Duesenberg Dupont elcar Franklin graham Paige Hudson Jordan kissel LaSalle Lincoln continental locomobile marmon McFarlan mercer Nash Packard peerless pierce arrow reo ruxton stearns knight stevens Duryea studebaker stutz bearcat wills sainte Claire willys-knight Chevrolet chev Chevy ford model t model a Desoto dodge Durant Essex Gardner hupmobile hupp la Fayette Marquette mercury Oakland Oldsmobile olds Plymouth Pontiac rockne terraplane velie 1908 gm 1909 v-8 1910 v8 1911 v-12 1912 v12 1913 v-16 1914 v16 1915 rat rod 1916 street rod 1917 lead sled 1918 scta 1919 automobilia gas 1920 oil 1921 advertising graphic 1922 memorabilia 1923 trinkets 1924 license plates 1925 toppers 1926 mascot 1927 hood ornament 1928 engine parts 1929 body parts 1930 nos parts 1931 n.o.s. parts 1932 new old stock 1933 brass era 1934 muscle cars 1935 spark plugs 1936 straight 8 1937 eight 1938 twelve 1939 sixteen car 1940 auto 1941 automobile 1942 teens 1920"s 1946 1930’s 1947 1940’s 1948 1955 1950’s 1956 1949 1957 1960’s 1950 1958 1959 twenties 1951 thirties 1952 forties 1953 fifties 1954 sixties. Good Luck! I only sell thru EBAY. THANKS

Sale Price: US $9.99