Single 1908 Vermont Porcelain #1816 License Plate (May 1908 ?) 16 3/4 x 6

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“Some loss and rust, front and back. See the photos.”

After some research, it appears I am offering a 1908 Vermont porcelain
license plate # 1816 for sale. I believe there were less than 2000 pair of these made.
On the backside of the plate, opposite the front 8 there is a reddish handwritten 5 8.
My understanding is that this indicates it was manufactured in May of 1908.
I could be wrong on reading the 5 and 8 but that is my best guess.
I am not a license plate collector, just a picker.
The plate has damage as seen in the photos, but not really on the numbers or letters.
The plate measures 16 3/4 long and 6 wide. It weighs 1 lb 10 oz.
I do only have the one plate, I do not have the pair.
Use the zoom and ask questions if you have any.

Sale Price: US $500.00