TENNESSEE passenger 2006 license plate HMN 092 *CANNON *

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TENNESSEE passenger 2006 license plate HMN 092 ***CANNON*** TO SEE MY OTHER LISTINGS, click on this link: BPR-PL8S"s other LISTINGs!!!
UP FOR SALE IS A MARCH 2006 TENNESSEE CANNON COUNTY ***PASSENGER*** LICENSE PLATE IN VERY GOOD ORIGINAL CONDITION. THE PLATE NUMBER IS HMN 092. I ship WORLDWIDE!!! Let’s talk about “FREE SHIPPING”. First, let’s face it, no one is doing business for free. Single-item built-in shipping charges have to be ADDED TO each item’s selling price. Buy two or fifty, you pay the full single-item built-in shipping charge over-and-over-and-over-and-over. Not with “BPR-PL8S”!!! My prices are lower because they do not have single-item built-in shipping charges, and my shipping discount starts after the purchase of only TWO items! THAT MAKES MY PRICES CHEAPER THAN “FREE SHIPPING”, even though Ebay encourages buyers to do business with “Free shipping” sellers. DO YOU WANT TO OVER-PAY ON “FREE SHIPPING”?….OR BUY FROM ME!!! Unstickered plates are at least 3 years old and satisfies "s rules requiring license plates to be at least 3 years old. If the plate in this auction is unstickered, it is at least December 2013 or older. All license plates listed for sale are for collecting purposes only and are not to be put on any vehicle for registration purposes.Read payment terms before buying/bidding and/or sending payment, very important!!! Watch for payment terms in the item description on heavier-than-usual plates. Those shipping terms take the place of the terms that follow below!!! · U.S. buyers pay postage & handling either by Priority Mail at $7.75 or first class mail at $3.98 (buyer"s option) if the plate is won by itself . SEE THE FIRST CLASS MAIL DISCLAIMER BELOW!!! · Multiple wins can be combined. Please read below · FIRST CLASS MAIL DISCLAIMER, READ!!!!: According to the post office website, on average, 6 out of every 100 First Class nationwide mailings DO NOT arrive within 3 days. · While I see most first class mailings reach their destination within a few days, occasionally, a package mailed by first class mail can take up to 4 weeks to arrive. I have no control over the post office. Therefore, if you want greater post office assurance as to the delivery time, I suggest choosing the Priority Mail option for shipping & handling. THE POST OFFICE PEOPLE MAKE LOTS OF MISTAKES, ESPECIALLY DURING HOLIDAYS, SO DON"T BLAME ME!!! I accept other payments besides PayPal!!! Payments must be in U.S. funds and must be processable through the U.S. banking system. Email me first and mail to: Brian Reback, P.O. Box 7552, Northridge, CA 91327-7552. Multiple wins can be combined. The postage & handling cost will be explained in my letter emails after the wins as follows: · For purchases of 2 or more plates, wait until I invoice you before sending payment so I can apply the shipping discounts. Ebay will not apply the discounts on their own! If you overpay, I will show a credit on your invoice which can be used towards future purchases. I cannot simply refund the overpayment. Let me know (email me) if gives you any trouble!!! I have received many complaints that Ebay will not let you buy without immediately paying, forcing you to overpay on shipping. If that happens, email me and I will explain how we get around this. · 2 plates--> $6.50 first class · 3-4 plates --> $7.75 automatically upgraded to Priority mail envelope!!! · 5-10 plates --> $7.75 Priority Mail envelope + $1.00 for careful double-packaging handling (total $8.75) · 11+ plates --> $16.00 maximum shipping & handling for the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box, which will hold up to about 50 plates, more or less International first class mail shipping for one plate: Depends on the weight of the plate and no guarantee on the delivery time, especially during holidays. Generally, first class shipping for up to 8 ounces is $14.50 ($10.50 to Canada). Up to 2 pounds (meaning multiple plates, depending on weight) would be $23.50 ($17.00 to Canada). Contact me first to confirm total weight on groups of plates!International AIRMAIL rates (there are weight limits, check with me on multiple purchases): · Up to 4 plates, regardless of weight: Canada $26.00, most other countries $36.00 · 5-10 plates, but depends on weight limit, for each group of up to about 10 plates: Canada $27.00, most other countries $37.00 (two of these envelopes is best for 11-20 plates) · 21 to about 50 plates, but depends on weight limit: Canada AIRMAIL is $51.00, most other countries is $72.00. Thank you and good luck!

Sale Price: US $6.00