TEXAS License Plate Book - Book II Stickers, Tape and Other Related Items

If you are interested in the history of Texas license plates, then this series of books is made for you. While Book-I focuses mainly on the plates, Of TIME and PLATES - Book II - Stickers, Tape and Other Related Items - explores the soft side of License Plates and Registration in The Lone Star State. This book provides the reader with a visual reference to the many supporting items such as the paper, plastic and tape - printed and glued - items required along with the plates. Also included are some other interesting items as well as a special section containing recently discovered updates applicable to Book-I of this series.
Beginning with, and In celebration of the introduction of Book II of this series, from this day forward all books in this series will be offered with FREE SHIPPING TO US LOCATIONS.
The one man project of creating this series of books began in April of 2004 and now, well over a decade later the first two books are available and Book III is in its earliest stage of creation. If this old man lasts long enough, there will be at least three information and picture packed books documenting the introduction, evolution and sometimes unique purposes of the license plates created in and displayed on Texas vehicles for over more than a century. Book I of this series, The FOUNDATION, focuses on the beginning and early evolution of the plates themselves. Book-II - as its title indicates - provides a history of the plate related use of - Stickers, Tape and Other Related Items. Book III - well, that one is still on the horizon - but a hint would be that there are a lot more interesting types of Texas license plates just asking to be documented in a book like these.
For those of you with interest in Texas Tin, I can guarantee that you will find much pleasure in traveling through the many informative and colorful pages of all of the books in this series - Of TIME and PLATES.

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