Ultra Rare 1968 1st Year Alaska Vanity License Plates MB220D Mercedes Benz 220D

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Offering up several vintage Alaska license plates for bids this week. Some pretty cool ones, so check them all out....This one is an EXTREMELY RARE find... A Pair of vintage 1968 Alaska VANITY license plates. These are the scarce Flat Sheet design that was a One Year Only style. 1968 was the First Year for Alaska vanity plates, and they were Not Stamped. They are basicly a reflective decal on a flat sheet of aluminum. Most license plate Collectors don"t even realize this type of plate ever existed. Due to the fact that it was the first year the option was available, and the fact that Alaska is not exactly the vanity capitol, I "ll bet only a handful were ever produced.....I have only seen 1 other. Plate number MB220D refers to the Mercedes Benz 220D these used to be on. How cool is That? They are in Fantastic condition for their age, especially something from Alaska. Don"t miss out. Great addition to your collection...

Sale Price: US $299.00