Uncirculated 1952 Texas License Plate Lot Of 25 Pair In Un-opened Box

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Look what we found in the attic!!!!
A find this good won"t have a likelihood 
Of happening again to you collectors . 
We found 3 unopened boxes with 25 pairs in each BOX OF Uncirculated , 1952 Texas  passenger license plates . Similar to the ones pictured since the boxes have not been opened  we will leave it to the buyer to decide whether they want us to open the box and send pictures of the ones packaged  . Buyer will be refunded if contents aren"t in new condition !  We will only be offering  1 case per month due to selling limitations for this month !  Look for the next 2 cases of plates to be offered in the next few months! 

Sale Price: US $1,225.00