Very Good Orig Cond LOUISIANA 1930 auto rear license plate

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Thirty day fixed price listing.Ebay requires the seller to tell you this 86 year old 1930 license plate is more than 3 years old, being from 1930 as it is. There you have it.
One extra hole, a pinhole over the second digit of registration number.No touch up.As found, as acquired, as is.Seller got discouraged when lots of best offers recently were pretty low, so guess what? Best offer went away on today"s batch of new listings. That will be easier to take, seller believes.
Anyone activating a transaction must be prepared to go forward with payment. No do-overs.USPS parcel tracking number is included in S&H. This transaction will occur as a USA domestic deal (no direct shipping to buyer outside USA, sorry). That indeed means, no direct shipping into CANADA, sorry.
Full disclosure, this seller can get to the post office on Fridays and Saturdays, and no other days of the week.

Sale Price: US $393.14