Vintage Matching Pair of Matching 1931 Illinois License Plates

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“Very Good”

This auction is for a Vintage Matching Pair of Matching 1931 Illinois License Plates. 4 1/2 X 12 inches. No pitting. Both are in Very Good condition.
All paper items are shipped in rigid containers or boxes. This may add to the cost of shipping but insures your item will get to you in good condition. Although our mailers are marked Do Not Bend or Fold, the post office carrier has, in the past, folded a mailer to squeeze it into an apartment size mailbox. We are not responsible for how the USPS treats the mail.
I have had buyers ask me why I can"t send a postcard, for example, at the Letter rate. I put all paper items in rigid mailers for protection. I cannot send a mailer or envelope with a tracking number unless it meets certain requirements. Tracking is automatic for all First Class Mail packages BUT to avoid the mailer being a non-trackable letter or non-machinable letter, it must meet one of the following requirements:
1. Heavier than 3.5 oz.
2. Width greater than 6-1/8 inches
3. Length greater than 11-1/2 inches
4. Thickness greater than 1/4 inch.
Any one of these 4 details means the envelope is NOT a letter. I add extra cardboard, bubble wrap or foam sheets to bulk then up and they become packages that will have tracking numbers.
Thickness greater than 3/4 inch, even when not rigid, also disqualifies an envelope as a flat. Thus, if you want an item with a tracking number, it may cost a little more but, otherwise, you won"t get a tracking number and it won"t be shipped in a rigid mailer that will protect your item. If you want your item sent Letter rate with no tracking number and in a regular envelope, let me know.

Sale Price: US $24.00