Vintage Pair Rhode Island DISCOVER License Plates (1967-1971) Low Number GK 2

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“has normal age related usage wear including small dings, dents, bends, some missing paint exposing tin under paint, dirt and grime on plates. Rhode Island made the "DISCOVER" plates between 1967-1971 only, for a 5 year period. there are numerous old registration stickers on the plates with the last one on tops being 1979. please view all pics sold as is as found. v

here is a pair of vintage Super Low Number Rhode Island DISCOVER license plates GK 2, Discover plates were only made for 5 years between 1967-1971, and there are numerous registration stickers under the last top 1979 stickers. both of these special low number plates have normal age related wear from use including, dings, dents, bends to metal, rust ring spots around holes for screws, dirt, grime, salt decay to paint, some scratching, paint loss in spots exposing tin metal under paint, ect. sold as is as found. please view all pics and read full item condition.

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