Vintage Yellow New York NY Commercial License Plates 93698-GR (circa 1973-1985)

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PIC CAME OUT POOR PLATE IS IN MUCH BETTER SHAPE NEEDS CLEANING IF YOU DON"T WANT NATURAL - A matched pair of vintage New York commercial plates. Good condition, original used good for vanity plate in states where you need only 1 plate or collector edition on wall. I have the proper registered owners name for ID documented sale purposes. PS I can sell you just 1 for 15.00 incl. shipping, just send me a message! Thank you, Ev DISCLAIMER: I am offering this license plate as a collectible, hobby or souvenir item and never for display on any vehicle. All buyers participating in any sale or trade MUST agree to not misrepresent their intent in making this purchase and further agree to not misuse this license plate in any way that will violate any state, federal or local laws, statutes and/or ordinances.

Sale Price: US $20.20