Wyoming PersonalizedAutomobille License Plate -Excellent Condition Used in 2009

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“There's a grooved ring around the two screw holes on the bottom of the plate. There are no other signs of wear or damage on either front or back except for a few very fine scratches and markson the back. The back side is a shiny silver but there is a rust colored reflection showing on the picture.”

This is a personalized Wyoming automobile license plate that was used for only one year or less. The colored sticker on the top left indicates that it wasn"t used after June, 2009.
The plate features a view of Devils Tower in the background. The letters are flat painted onto the lighter metal that"s now being used for Wyoming plates. It was issued in from the City of Casper, Natrona, County number 1 in the central region of the Wyoming.
There"s a grooved ring around the 2 bottom screw holes. There are no dents, chips, scratches, corrosion, or bug spots on the plate except for the scratched rings around the holes from the screws that were used for mounting. There are a few very fine scratches and marks on the back of the plate.
The plate measures 12 inches by 6 inches.

Sale Price: US $2.99