Wyoming Centennial License Plate -- 1992 Vintage

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“There are rock chips all around on the surface of the plate but there are no dents and there is no rust.”

This is one of Wyoming"s earlier automobile license plates that was made from a heavier metal and with embossed (raised) letters. It is a Wyoming Centennial commemorative plate that was produced in 1990 and actually used only two years.
The plate features the Wyoming trademarked bucking bronco and a view of a mountain skyline in the background.
This plate was issued from the City of Laramie for Albany County, number 5 in the southernmost part of central Wyoming.
There are grooved rings around the 2 bottom screw holes and lots of tiny rock chips on the plate. There are no dents and there"s no corrosion on the plate except for a little discoloration on the back. The plate is clean.
The plate measures 12 inches by 6 inches.

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