Wyoming Trailer License Plate w/Devils Tower Graphic (2008 / NOS)

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“These are actually new/old stock and have not been used. They're in pretty nice shape. See photos to determine overall condition.”

Wyoming Trailer Plates w/Devils Tower Graphic (2008 / NOS). Unissued and in great shape / See photos to determine overall condition. These are motorcycle sized license plates. For display / collectible / craft purposes only. Not valid for use otherwise as these are expired plates. Some have the # 17 on the left side (Campbell county), others have a #3 (Sheridan County). The Campbell county ones all have 3 digits starting with the number 4, and end with the letter “C”. The Sheridan county ones are 4 digits and start with the sequence “888” (no the one with four 8’s is not available.)
I will pick one out at random for you and will do my best to accommodate any request. These are sold as is. Thank you for taking the time to check these out J

Sale Price: US $6.00