1970 Opel 1900

Opel 1900 (1970)
for sale

Price: US $8,500.00


I have had this car since 1993. I've tinkered with this one on and off the entire time.
The car is currently driving, but has not been tuned for daily use.
1.9 Modded with 2.0L Venolia pistons, larger valves, larger springs, Isky Cam
Compufire electronic Ignition
Weber 32/36, Ported Intake Manifold
Euro Sprint Exhaust Manifold,
Lightened Flywheel, S-10 Clutch
5psd Getrag
Larger 1975 Manta front brakes
Lower sport spring in front, progressive lower springs in back
new carpet, new headliner
Miata seats
Retrosound radio, recovered dash, and lots of sound insulation.
New fuel lines, steel reinforced/braided lines.
New starter
Voltage Meter replacement of the clock
Recovered Dash, top is good, lower sides aren’t the best around holes
upgraded Opel GTS brake booster
Interior Sound & Heat deadened.
Lizardskin spay on ceramic heat & sound control in full interior
Close cell on under carpet pad
Boxes full of other Opel Parts collected from owning over 15 other GT's over this time period
GM Alternator, 75 amp unit
That extra wiring fuseblock
1 for always on power
Feeds relay for Ignition on Power
Feeds amp unit for stereo
1 for Ignition on power
Auxiliary cooling fan
Space for 2 more
and lots of other upgrades over the last 25 years.
To-Do Items:
Carb Tuning:
It is running rich, and stumbling at 2500-3000 RPM.
The car has a big cam and the Weber 32/36 needs some mods that I haven’t done yet to accommodate. Following the OpelGT.com forum and RallyeBob’s mods should resolve.
Not locking in Open Position
Either needs adjustment or re-build of the gear clamps
Exhaust pipes re-bent. The welder put them too close to the body and there are some clanks at rough idle
I used parts I had on hand, but I would recommend new door panes, New Drivers rear qtr trim, and Rear Deck trim.
The rear tire area leather cover is new, but it has not been fitted or installed. It is just temporarily affixed
Center Console: These need fresher parts. I have some spares.
Needs Driver’s Visor
Bumpers are good, but the new set of polished stainless, or rechroming these would make it pop
Radio: Installed and working, but not finished.
I’ve placed 2 speakers in the upper deck of the rear (factory only had 1).
Needs final decision on other speakers, or upgrading the ones in the miata seat headrests.
Water lines not connected
I do have a brand new water valve I haven’t installed
Auxiliary Front fan:
Not needed, but I like to have it for 100+ head days.
Wiring, Relay, and Temp sensor are installed, fan is not currently installed.
Front & Rear Sway Bars
I have them, not installed.
Will need new mounting bushings
Miata seats installed, the don’t fit right for me
I have the original seats, disassembled
I have a brand new set of seat leather from OGTS
Will need new seat foam to rebuild
Passenger Seat Belt
Need to order one from OGTS, somehow I only ordered the drivers side
Front windshield has small crack , needs repair
Weatherstripping around doors
It’s new, but it is already separating, and I replaced a section on the driver.
I recommend buying from OGTS, I must have bought off ebay.
Driver’s window regulator
I’ve installed all new window tracks, and this one is really tight, plus the regulator needs some adjustment. I have to pull the window back when raising it so it doesn’t pop out
Window trim, outside edge of door is missing

update: 2021-02-13


Condition:UsedYear: 1970
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 941973904Mileage: 99999
Number of Cylinders: 4Vehicle Title: Clean
Exterior Color: BlueModel: 1900
Transmission: ManualMake: Opel
Interior Color: Black

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