1985 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette (1985)
for sale

Price: US $8,000.00


Chevrolet Corvette. Pick up with enclosed trailer would be my suggestion. This is a fast with new sticky clutch car. Towing on trailer exposed to elements would be your choice. This car has not seen rain or snow since I owned it and before. No rust! Interior not perfect. Has torn original brown pleather with seat covers on now. Needs only seats, radio and carpet. Dash, headliner, and visors are all new or in great condition and replaced. See list below. Sold As is No Shipping No Returns See my Feedback I sell other things. Original Spare tire, Lower cover, and Brackets are included. They are removed and packed in a box in working order.
For sale is a 1985 Corvette manual transmission 4 + 3 Doug Nash 5.7 liter with removable top. Vehicle is a Sunday driver in Illinois due to the weather. I purchased this vehicle with intentions to finish unfortunately plans have changed. All that is left is carpet, seats and a radio. I installed a rebuilt overdrive unit as well as new center Force clutch and BBK throttle body with American racing header long tube stainless custom exhaust system ending with borla mufflers. The exhaust system is fully removable using v clamps. I paid the money to be able to pull the transmission or motor with ease at any time with the simple undoing of some v clamps. All high-end stainless exhaust. I installed mini starter new. I installed air pump delete kit new. Installed new used intake manifold and runners from 1989 Corvette. When transmission and overdrive unit was removed everything in the tunnel was cleaned sprayed with bed liner and covered with heat resistant under hood dynomat to prevent heat from raising through the floor because the stainless gets hotter than regular steal exhaust. Inside rear carpet was removed and bedliner install sprayed and dynomat installed over for sound. Exhaust was very loud. I had intentions of removing front seats and carpet and completing dynomat but never got to it. Headlights are new LED as well as marker lights.
I have the intake tube to go over radiator for future air intake cold air filter mod is included.
Underbody LED 100 light pattern XK glow professionally installed with all stainless-steel hardware and connection sealing. Controls are mounted in armrest and there is also a wireless key fob that goes with the LED underglow lights. XK glow has a video you can go to their website.
There is a reverse start delete in the steering column. Just meaning the car does not need to be put into reverse in order to start as factory intended as a theft deterrent alarm feature in 1985. The reverse delete can be undone with the simple unscrew of one screw under steering column. Being a manual transmission and if you accidently stall in the intersection, the cars behind you would think your backing up while trying to restart. I felt that would be unsafe in traffic if I stalled, so I researched and found a delete kit procedure. Now you just press the clutch in and have the vehicle in neutral to start. The alarm module I replaced because interior lights stayed on. The alarm works now also. It is operated by the round door key in door lock by turning twice. I suggest reading the corvette bible or manual I'm including before activating it. The horn does not work. I think needs new. This vehicle has not been driven in rain since upgrades have been completed. I'm not sure you'll have traction lol. Always garage kept with cover, trickle charge, and small fan under to keep dry.
Sold as is no returns buyer responsible for pickup. I suggest enclosed trailer and somebody that knows how to drive manual transmission very well. Only 600 miles on new clutch, overdrive unit and 4 speed transmission, intake manifold fuel rail overhauls. Rims are year 2000 Corvette 17 front, 18 rear with new spacers. Tires are new maybe 400 mi. New sun visors and new headliner as well as new shift lever boot. New armrest. New passenger front cushion. New wiper blades. You will get an extra pre-programmed chip from midAmerica Corvette in case the custom program chip fails until you can get one re programmed. Current installed custom program chip opens thermostat at 160° and fans turn on at 170 because of the heat in our area in the summertime. I do not drive this vehicle in the winter it will never get to temperature at 55 mph without installing the 190° thermostat and using the preprogrammed MidAmerica chip which will make fans turn on at 190 as stock intended. I have the original 1985 service manual which I have used extensively throughout the years. I have never tested the air conditioning unit due to the fact I do not want it to lock up and have to replace it. It is spinning freely now. Heat works great. There are no drips on my garage floor and that says a lot for a Chevy. The steering gear box I replaced fluid but still seems sticky around corners and until fluid warm. Door panels are ok but not perfect. That also was on my list of to do's also.
My background is a printing press technician by day, quality and precision is my expertise. I used this car for Sunday drives last 2 summers and starts and drives great every time! I originally paid $3, 500 for this car towed it home in not very good shape and put the below list into it. My investment without my labor is $13, 775 total estimated. I have it fully insured with state farm for $15, 000 replacement value. A classic car inspector had to come out because they did not believe me and take pictures.
I have a lot more pictures of course just ask. I think I have 2 sets of keys. 1 set is original. I am including the car cover and trickle charger because it was purchased for this car.
Corvette list. $10, 395 in receipts. Does not include any of my countless hours of labor to get this car to be this nice.
Overdrive unit$1, 695
New reverse idler gear $35
New reverse main gear $51
Centerforce Clutch $357
Flywheel $52
Clutch fork $100
Adjustable ball clutch $60
Clutch push rod $25
Clutch pilot bearing$45
Transmission shift lever seals $26
Return core overdrive unit $60
Drive Shaft U-joints x2 $45
Transmission fluids+ rear end fluids $40
ARP bolts clutch and flywheel $45
Support beam hardware $20
Sun visors, Springs, Hardware $180
Rear view mirror wired upgrade $40
Custom burnt chip $240
Tires mounted and balanced $700
Thunder spark plug wires + plugs $200
American Racing Headers $1, 500
Borla muffler set $900
Exhaust v band x6 $337
Stainless exhaust flex pipe x2 $74
Exhaust shop labor $1, 205
Serpentine belt $23
Interior alarm dome light timer $43
Map sensor relocate kit $80
O2 sensor $60
Oil pressure switch $13
Stainless emergency brake cable kit $130
Extra pre-programmed chip $139
Rear rotors and pads $115
E brake shoes $25
Front rotors and pads $125
LED headlights $140
LED underbody light kit $150
Air pump delete kit$150
Headliner $80
Rear interior bedliner $80
BBK throttle body $250
Gas pedal $80
Shifter boot $30
New arm rest / cover $140
Reverse start delete in column $10
Intake manifold and Thermostat $120
Intake manifold tube runners $100
Intake and Exhaust gaskets $80
Air intake over radiator tube Cold Air Upgrade Part $80
Trickle charger $20
New Battery 2019 $100

update: 2022-01-29


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