1957 Rhode Island license plate set (front-rear) pair w/58 tabs TH587

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Here is another plate set from my dad"s collection (RIP). All these are original and not repaints. He had these squirreled away for decades in wooden crates. I don"t clean em". I vacuum out the mouse crap and put them out for bid. I have no idea what is in these crates. I just grab and list. No rhyme or reason to his collection. ALL proceeds to the grand kid"s college fund. Shipping is a flat 10 dollar fee. No matter where you live. If you buy more than one, wait till I send you a corrected invoice. I combo all shipping costs. I can fit around 15 plates in one box. BUY A BUNCH! SAVE ON SHIPPING!
yes! all these plates I sell are real and full size (unless its a motorcycle) I would say that in the listing!
Check my other auctions. Thanks

Sale Price: US $10.00