1971 Vintage Michigan HVC 057 License Plate

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Vintage 1971 Michigan license plate, has the numbers and letters HVC 057, done in a dark red background with the lettering in a reflective white. No bends , shows holes where screws go slightly depressed and lightly scored. Lettering and background excellent to near mint condition. Back of plate looks like new. Would rate 9-9.75 on a scale of 10. Wait for invoice or email before sending payment if there are any questions. See refund/return/ins policy. Add $4 shipping to the U.S., Canada & foreign- inquire. Save shipping on combined sales.
Shipping costs: 2016 postal changes which affected a 10% US priority shipping increase, plus past increases on 6/1/15 for both US and overseas shipping, plus E-bay charging 10% & Paypal close to 5% on shipping & commissions, and a minimal cost for envelopes, tape, etc, costs are getting harder to control. All literature items are shipped with a plastic sleeve and cardboard sandwiched in between to prevent damage, which also affects the shipping weight. Any item in weight over 1 lb is normally sent priority to the States, and zip codes affect the pricing.

Sale Price: US $37.95