WYOMING DAV Key Tags Mini License Plates RARE STATE

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“These are in good used condition, save for wear to the back of the red 1961 (4634) tag... where the address of the DAV is printed. The front of that tag is just fine. See 2nd pic, where these are in the same order.”

Here are 4 DAV Miniature License Plate Keychain Tags from the state of Wyoming - - one of the rarest states to find! We don"t have a whole lot of people (in fact there"s almost one square mile PER person!) but we have some choice scenery. These little tags were introduced by the Disabled American Veterans association back in the 1940s as a way to raise funds. When you bought plates for your car, a little set of these would arrive in the mail, with your tag number and the color for that year in your state. The idea was to put them on your keychain so that if you lost your car keys, the finder could drop them into a mailbox and they"d be sent to the DAV headquarters in Cincinnati, and that organization would then return them to you! This clever promotion continued on into the 1970s, when it finally came to an end. I still look for them - they have a lot of appeal for collectors. Of the 4 tags I"m showing here, only the 10-4634 has a lot of wear to the back, while the others are in great condition. Thanks for looking. I"ll ship these free!

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